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A Regency Rake 3
A Christmas to Remember

The Disciplinarian

Christmas came and the plans we proposed for the festive season were coming to fruition. There would be ten of us altogether myself and my sisters, four other men and three girls. There would also be four of the servant girls available to participate as necessary. TAs it would undermine staff discipline the housekeeper would not join in but would be available for me. Our friends who were all family friends arrived and were shown to their rooms. I then invited into my father's (my) study so that we could explain how the weekend would work. After a couple of drinks I called the meeting to order.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you have been invited to our Christmas Party as you are all friends who we know enjoy the same pursuits as we do. Let me lay down one or two points. There are no rules of engagement, anything goes and all of us are available to anyone else. We all enjoy fucking and have also tasted the birch and the pleasures of the rod so these will also be available at all times. You may take a partner individually to your room or you may join with other as a group. My guess is that there will be times when we will participate together and times when we want to be on our own. To liven up the proceeding we have four of the servants girls who will also be available. These have been selected by me because they enjoy the pleasures of the rod and sex. They are all clean so you can use them for your pleasure. By the way this applies to the ladies as well as the men. Now I suggest that we all leave and dress for dinner meeting in the Drawing Room for drinks at 8:30pm. After dinner Christmas begins!"

They clapped me at the end and there was a buzz of conversation as we dispersed to our rooms .

* * * * * * * * *

At about eight o'clock people started drifting down to the hall where pre-dinner drinks were being served. The young maids who would be joining us later were dispensing them and the hot punch was well received as were the rather scanty costumes of the servers. The serving girls were wearing dresses which concealed nothing being split down the front and cut low across the breasts. None of the girls wore knickers so their charms were clearly visible. Dinner was announced and we all went into the dining room where places had been set so that each man was next to a woman and known friendships had been ignored so that everybody got to know everybody else. It was a convivial dinner and I noticed that besides some fumbling under the table the maids were also getting their fair share of 'handling' as the handed round the plates and recharged the glasses. By the end of dinner there was little doubt that the evening was progressing the right way. I stood up and suggested that we all - ladies as well as men - repaired to the main hall for port and sherry as I was sure that they would not want to be parted so soon. The maids removed all the plates and then returned to join us. As the drinks circulated little groups began to form and I had to call them to order as I had an exhibition to offer before we entertained ourselves. I clapped my hands and the four maids came forward and curtsied each one carrying a spanking instrument. Two had canes and two birches. They came forward and stood beside me. I told the party that each girl was to receive a dozen strokes with her selected instrument. I would deal with the first and the rest could choose their spankers.

I took the cane from the first girl who was giggling and told her to bend over with her bum facing the party. She bent over and flicking up her dress over her back so everybody could see that she wore no knickers and her bum was ripe for the cane. The cheeks were full and firm and she was prepared for the entertainment. I started by spanking with my hand for a dozen strokes before I took up the cane. As this was a fun caning I was using a lightweight cane and I whipped it home a dozen times reddening the cheeks and leaving faint lines at regular intervals. After I had finished she stood up and gave me a kiss before a bobbed curtsey and retired to the side.

Then it was the turn of the second girl and she gave a flip of her dress as she bent over and told me she wanted the strap. Her pussy lips were prominent as she spread her legs before she was spanked. I had a box with numbers in it and the first three numbers out were to have the privilege of spanking the girls. It was onemaid1 of my sisters who drew the first number. She picked up the strap and, I knew from painful experience that she was an expert with it, brought it down sharply across the buttocks. The girl called out "one Miss" and, as the rest of the strokes were applied the whole group chanted out in time with her. By the end her bum was red and lined by the edges of the strap and she had issued one or two shouts. She smiled as she stood up and kissed her tormentor who drew her aside and was fumbling to release the straps of her dress while at the same time going down between her legs with her mouth firmly on the maid's cunt.

This was the prompt for a general movement and it was not just the two maids left who found themselves being caned and strapped but squealing girls with skirts high on the backs across broad knees were being spanked with vigour and application. I had had my eye on one girl since she arrived - a friend of my sisters who I had never met - and I made straight for her and sitting beside her offered my lap. She gave me a cheeky smile and was across my knees in a flash. I canted her skirts up and saw to my joy that she had a superb bum which was uncovered as she had clearly left her knickers for another time and I proceeded to smack with a ready hand. The sound as my hand bounced off the cheeks was like a thunder-clap and I kept going for several minutes before slipping my fingers up into her quim and wriggling them about while she sqirmed and squeaked away. After I few minutes I stopped and felt the juices oozing out of her cunt as she came. She stood Up and made me stand asfucking_regency_rake3 she unfastened my trousers and pushing them down she stripped me off before turning her back she presented me with a cunt whih was redy for my she pulled me on top of her with her hand guiding my cock into her ready slit. The spanking had primed me and I thrust home finding no impediment as I slipped in. I started hammering away, she joined me by pushing upwards so that our bodies were making a squishing noise as they met with force. She was crying out and grunting with the effort.It could not last long and soon I felt her tense while at the same time my sperm was welling up until with a final shout of triumph we came together with my gouts of spunk inundating her. She meanwhile had almost lifted me up with the orgasm which wracked her.

We lay back and kissed gently watching the rest of the party and I could tell that there was no resting place as everybody seemed fully occupied. I saw my elder sister being caned firmly by a man who was naked except for his shirt. His cock was poking out and, as I watched he dropped the cane and thrust home into my sister rogering away with a will while her hand played with his balls. My other sister was on her back with one of the maids over her face, her cunt across my sister's mouth while the maid in her turn was being bum fucked by a man built like a stallion. By now my companion had recovered and she was playing with my cock, massaging it gently with her fingers as she brought it to stand again. She told me that she wanted a dozen cuts of the cane first and then my cock up her bum. I picked up the cane and she bent over the arm of the chair while I got ready. She had a firm well-fleshed bum which had dimples to the side of each bum cheek and when she bent over I could see her thigh muscles tighten and her bum flexing as she prepared herself. I guessed that in her state she would want firm strokes so wielded the cane with a will laying them on so that a two inch area was well lined and making sure that every stroke told before she parted her bum cheeks and told me to go at it. After wetting her anus and adding some of my own spittle I gently pushed in. She groaned but her anal passage widened to accept my cock and I was home in her before you could say knife. Ianal sex could tell that this was not the first time she had been entered here as, although she groaned, she accepted the cock joyfully and I was soon in up to the cods. I went to it with a will and from my position could see that most of the other were resting. They watched us and before long they were encouraging us with a rhythmic clapping as we both worked away. This time I was able to keep going longer and it was several minutes before I felt the welling in my balls and I speeded up to get to my climax before with a final thrust is spurted into her. She had also paced herself and, as I came, so she thrust her fingers to her clitoris and brought herself off in unison with me. Her sphincter squeezed and milked me dry before releasing my cock and allowing me to withdraw with a satisfied plop. Everybody clapped we sat round some completely, and some half, naked while we drank some wine and ate the snacks the naked maids brought to us.

* * * * * * * * *

I had arranged a competition for the group to follow. One of the maids brought in some unusually shaped candles and the ladies were told to lay on their back with their legs apart. The gentlemen were each given a candle and told to slide them between the legs of their chosen lady. When I gave the command we would rub them in and out for five minutes and the winner was the lady who had the most orgasms in that time. The girls quickly got themselves in position and it was a beautiful sight to see the coral lips of the cunts presented for action. The hairy nests were all different in colour and thickness but each one was a thing of beauty. The gentlemen were quickly in position and there were giggles as the candles slid home. I checked that we were all ready and gave the word to start. Immediately the candles were thrust in and out and it was not long before squeals and groans showed that the ladies were having regular orgasms. My partner, who was very active in helping, soon gave me reason to be sure that she had come as her back lifted off the ground and she shuddered but this only led to her agitating herself faster than ever until there was a second and then a third orgasm before time was called. Immediately everybody relaxed and the numbers of orgasms was called out by each member with the winner having had six within the time limit. I gave her her prize which was a penis shaped wooden prong. She immediately demonstrated its fitness for the job by thrusting it inside her and pushing it in and out. Now it was the turn of the men and my sisters had decided on two prizes. One for the man who held out longest while being masturbated and one for the one who spurted the farthest when he came.

The girls took their partners in hand we all lined up along a line facing in the same direction where a sheet had been spread. My youngest sister called out to start and the girls worked away with a will rubbing and massaging the out thrust penises. I reckoned myself a good stayer and tried to hold and think of other thing while my companion worked away and soon I could see fellows spurting out while their partners went to the distance mark to show the length of their 'throw'. Suddenly I could hold on no longer and with a shudder I felt the cum welling up and shooting out across the room while my legs turned to jelly as my companion milked me dry. Now the contest was down to two contenders and their partners were working with a will while they stood their backs arched and cocks thrust while the girls hands moved in a blur. With a cry the first one gave in and jets of jism spurted and spurted out from him arcing across the room to land beyond the farthest marker. Once he had come the last member soon succumbed and spurted his seed as well although not so far as his friend. The girls clapped and my sisters were pleased to offer their own gifts. The one who had held the longest my younger sister promised a dozen cuts with the cane and then a full session with herself while for the one who won the distance prize my elder sister awarded a dozen cuts followed by a full fellato by her. Both exhibitions would be after we had refreshed ourselves.

* * * * * * * * *

We had a few more drinks and food before my sisters clapped their hands and said that now was the final proof of the virility of the winners in our wanking competition. My elder sister hauled out her man and with it a cane which she proceeded to whip through the air. She told him to bend over for his punishment and when he did so she gave him a dozen of the best which had him drawing his breath by the end. The lines across his bum were well formed and ridges were already forming. As he stood up it was clear that he was fully prepared and my sister went down between his legs with her mouth tickling the end of his cock. She sucked and used her tongue to full effect while now an again taking his ball sac in her mouth so that we could see he was having difficulty restraining himself. She removed her mouth and looked up at him saying one word "Now" and took the whole in so that she seemed to swallow. Her fingers thrust into his arse hole and with a final thrust he began ejaculating into her mouth so that she had difficulty in swallowing it all as she spluttered and some of the cum oozed out from the sides of her mouth. As he stood there with his cock subsiding so she licked around to make sure that she had taken the full load before standing and kissing and thanking him. They now left for a side chair where they lay together.

Now it was the turn of my younger sister and she hauled her man forward by his cock. Again he bent over and my younger sister was as able at the rod as her elder sister and dealt with him with vim and vigour. She then told him that she expected to be fucked for at least a quarter of an hour and parting her cunt lips pulled his eager cock down and inside her. Once fully lodged he began moving slowly to conserve his stamina while she picked up the rhythm. They seemed almost in a dream world before she turned him on his back and taking the initiative slipped him home into her ready cunt while on top of him almost without losing a beat. She now took the initiative and they seemed to go on for ever before she smiled down at him and said if he was ready she wanted him to finish her off on her knees. She swung round and presented her fig holding the lips open while his cock lodged home and with a final flourish from both of them they came off with a cry. The whole group was enraptured with the two demonstrations and they clapped the participants to the echo.

The evening was now getting late and our friends were beginning to look to their beds. Soon I could see that couples were drifting off until I was left on my own except for the attractive young lady, Mary, that my sisters had brought to the party. She looked at me and took my hands leading me from the study upstairs to her bedroom to continue our entertainment in private. The second and final part of "A Christmas to Remember" will be written shortly