This is the CLASSIC site for Spanking Stories. Every one is written by The Disciplinarian and many of them are based on his own experiences with LADIES and COUPLES.

When you enter into the World of Spanking you are entering a World which is inhabited by many thousands of people who enjoy spanking or being spanked. For some it is just the Voyeur looking at STORIES, VIDEOS, EXAMPLES, ADVICE & GALLERIES while for many others the REAL experience is what they desire.
If you want to SPANK your wife then my ADVICE is IMPORTANT as it makes sure both parties have 'pleasure, as well as pain' in the exchange.

This site contains help for all as, besides browsing the pages, by contacting The Disciplinarian - UK's Premier Spanker of Ladies, you can enjoy a PRIVATE - 1-2-1 session. These sessions last for hours and have been called by participants "better than I ever expected" and "WOW, can I come again soon". Repeat sessions are common and some ladies have been visiting for years.
For those who cannot visit there is a TELEPHONE SPANKING service available by contacting my Mobile Number (this is NOT a PREMIUM line). Again I have ladies from UK, Ireland, USA, Hong Kong, Italy, Brazil and Japan.who use this service on a regular basis.

We offer nearly TWO hundred SPANKING STORIES all written by THE DISCIPLINARIAN and being added to regularly. As you read them try to guess which included examples from the real SPANKING administered by me. I have had several lady visitors who assure me that they can recognise themselves, albeit the name is changed, in the stories.

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